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Us Cats – Why We Love Scratching

Why We Scratch

Cats are affectionate pets, but they are also instinctual predators. Way before they became domesticated pets, cats were hunters who had to stalk game, catch their food, scale trees, run, and hide. For all those reasons, they were gifted with sharp claws so they would be able to look after themselves, hunting, climbing and surviving.

To keep their claws in effective order, they scratch. The scratching not only cleanses their claws and keeps them sharp, it also helps them mark their territory, stretch out, and workout their extremities. Scratching posts help them do just that.

There is no way you, or anyone else, can halt a cat from scratching. They can’t help it as it is in their nature to do so. The best thing to do is to stop fighting with your cat and in turn find something that can make it leave the furniture and fabric alone. That’s the purpose of scratching posts.

Declawing a cat is never an option. Cat claws are NOT like human finger nails that you can simply trim with no adverse results. Declawing cats implies having the final joints of the claws severed. It’s effectively an amputation and will leave your cat maimed for life. Declawing also messes with a cat’s natural stability as you would have effectually abbreviated their claws.

Scratching posts are the best option for cat owners. They provide cats with an outlet to practice their instinctual scratching behavior. Best of all, you will be able to sleep soundly without stressing that you may find your furniture all shredded to pieces when you return from work or awaken from a nap.

Additional Alternatives Aside From Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are an excellent way to keep your cat active and in great physical condition. However, it is also necessary to keep your special furry friend busy and well-exercised so that it will not even think of scratching your slacks, table legs or upholstery.

In addition to scratching posts, there are also cat toys that can help keep your pet busy. Cat trees are also great to use apart from cat scratching posts. Cat trees provide the cat all the scratching adventures they could ever want while permitting them to climb and perch.

There’s also catnip stuffed toys that can offer a cat a great time. You will find catnip stuffed enormous mice, or tiny balls which you can throw to encourage your cat to play. These cat toys will allow you to share some fantastic playful moments with your exceptional furry friend. Remember that a well-exercised… cat is a good cat.

By Sarah Evans


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