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Pet Finder By Category

Use this pet finder tool to post or search for a lost or found pet. It’s free to use and free to post too!

Lost your beloved dog or cat, perhaps your bird has flown the coup? List him here. Found someone else’s dog roaming the streets? List her too! Let’s work together and get these lost and found dogs, cats, birds and exotics back where they belong!

*Please select a search category below.

To add your lost or found dog, cat, bird or exotic pet click the RED button at the top right to get started.

*Adding a lost or found dog, cat, bird, or exotic animal is free of charge. All listings are reviewed to eliminate spam. We just ask that you remove the listing when the pet finds its way back to its’ rightful place. All listings are automatically removed after 60 days, you are free to re-list at that time if you’d like.