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A cat is a wonderful addition to any family as it has an overwhelmingly calm disposition. It lays around and sleeps all day, cuddles with you at night, and has just enough “crazy” in it to keep you entertained. Here you will find a list of rescues that will help in your search to adopt a cat. If you are looking for help with a feral cat, you will also find organizations that deal with specific feral cat issues. If you know of any organizations who you feel should be listed here, please forward them the information or contact us with their contact information.

Coral Springs, FL, United States
Established in 2009, LonePine Rescue is a nonprofit, charitable organization whose purpose is two...
Broward County, FL, United States
Broward County, FL, United States
3870 North Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, FL, United States
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