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Does your pet need probiotics? To answer that, I’ll need to tell you a story.

Mystique CalicoI once had a cat named, Mystique. It was the perfect name for her as she was full of mystery and quite a hard nut to crack. I had her for two years before she finally jumped into my lap to grace me with her presence. I really loved that cat. I drove all the way to Ohio from Florida to rescue her when she was a year old because my nephew was terribly allergic. By the time “Stiquey” was almost seven she had developed what the doctor described as Kitty Crohn’s Disease. My poor little girl went to the bathroom all the time and many times she couldn’t make it to the litter box. We tried all the doctor knew to do with steroids and changing her food and trying to manage her symptoms but nothing helped. It wasn’t long before Stiquey was severely under weight and I needed to try something different.  Read More

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Keep pets and their people together with information, products, services and businesses that protect the companion animal/human bond.

Along with businesses eager to serve you, you’ll find events for dog and cat lovers, dog beaches and dog parks, pet friendly apartments for dog and cat owners, dog friendly restaurants, plus, rescue groups for dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals, even horses! We also provide a pet finder service free of charge for lost and found pets. There’s so much to love about Pet Junction, we hope you will love it as much as we do!

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